My Reaction to “HELLO, LAS VEGAS”

To get to Las Vegas from LA takes about five hours. Las Vegas has a lot of attractions and very bright lights. Bellagio Hotel has decorations that are different but are very beautiful.  The Yard House is a restaurant and one thing they are severe fake grilled chicken sandwiches. Las Vegas has a few different places such as the Venetia and a mall that offer gondola rides.  There is an exhibition of desiccated bodies that includes a model of one body that is split in to two pieces.

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A Semester of Computer Applactions

During this semester of Computer Applications I have learned how to use different Microsoft programs. The first one was Microsoft Word. I made different documents that contained the names of presidents dogs to learning how to write a resume. The next program was Excel, a spreadsheet program. When I was using excel I learned how to make different chart and graphs and also how to organize different forms of data. The final program that I learned how to use was Power point. I learned how to how to make presentations so they were more enjoyable for the audience to watch and how to add sound to them.

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